Chanda 27 Apr 2017
Read in english and hindi
bhanda 27 Apr 2017
hindi to english read
chanda kumari 27 Apr 2017
read in english
chanda 27 Apr 2017
hindi read
Muhammed Afzal 23 Apr 2017
Its over now why the admin not at all worried about
Kaustubh Sawant 23 Apr 2017
The error still continues ITS ALMOST 8 days now
mo saif 22 Apr 2017
Speaking English to hindi
Kaustubh Sawant 21 Apr 2017
The error still continues
Muhammed Afzal 20 Apr 2017
Why the app is not working please help
Suchita Surve 17 Apr 2017
Cannot export text into image due to some system, coding error. Pls. resolve. Thnaks.
Suchita Surve 17 Apr 2017
Can not export content/text into image.
Kaustubh Sawant 14 Apr 2017
Unable to convert text to PNG format document. getting Server Application Error. Please look into this.
balmukund 14 Apr 2017
AUR KYA HO RHA HAI apki zindagi me
amir 11 Apr 2017
Aur kya ho rha hai ap ki zindagi me
shahnawaz 11 Apr 2017
Spiking English to hindi
lokesh 09 Apr 2017
adha akchar kaise banaye
Please also create app in play store. really it need.
chaitanya 07 Apr 2017
Not working today,, type anything after giving space nothing comes only english remains
aaaaaaaa 01 Apr 2017
Dear All, We are planning to Sunday working in fusing & re-cutting department for some urgency.So pls plan accordingly . B/Regards
chandan 01 Apr 2017
sir/madam i wrote a letter but sudanly automatic closed the window kindly help me
madhavi 31 Mar 2017
using this conversion of typing in english and getting converted to hindi - to type a dot on a particular letter ? 2. How to type a semicircle underneath a word?
Devendra garg 30 Mar 2017
It doesn't work in my phone
Rama 28 Mar 2017
apmese koi bsw ka student hi plz help me
Dave 24 Mar 2017
how to insert wallpaper
Payal 21 Mar 2017
Thanks for helping me